Everyday is Monday

I really resonate with that statement. Everyday is Monday.

Beginning of the week progress update:

Linux printer is still an issue. There are broken packages. I ran some sudo commands that were suggest to fix it, or help remove them. That didn’t work. I can’t figure out how to remove them using the synaptic package manager. I don’t even need the printer on the dang computer. It’s just the principle of getting it to work and learning what’s going on.

Udemy HTML Project. HTML Project Here
Mostly done. Still have an issue when i shrink the page one of the text boxes in the left div extends out of the div, which looks ugly. Someone advised stacking the divs. I looked into the z-index but that is more like layering? So still working on this. Always one last bug to fix.

Also can’t get the stupid h1 to not sit at the bottom of the div. The footer text is just fine and easily editable, centered all nicely. The h1 title in the header is being stubborn.

If anyone else who is learning to code stumbles across this, you should drop me a line. I love learning and sharing information =]

Udemy 1st Project

I wish I had more time to dedicate to all the things I want to do.
Don’t we all.
I keep skipping around a little bit,  but in some way I think it helps me stay focused.

Linux is on hold until the weekend when I have some time to mess around with it.
I want to start The Odin Project as it utilizes Linux.

I finished the first section in the Udemy class I’m taking and the first “test” is to make a basic webpage. This is hard for me as I am very detail oriented and want to do all the things.

I’m trying to keep it as basic as possible so when the course adds more content (whether I am familiar with it or not) I will add more to the page. Otherwise, I will go overboard and never finish the page. Currently I’m using codepen and note++ to write the code out in and see how it looks. Trying to keep it a basic web form and use HTML only.

You can check out the mess on my codepen: here


Linux Round 2

After all the googling and posting in forums it seems I solved my own problem. flexed-biceps

I had downloaded Linux over the weekend but was unable to use my password in the terminal with sudo commands. Most advice was make sure your caps lock isn’t on and that it ‘ghost types’. Even though I had mentioned those things in my post and that I was aware, I was not offered any advice that helped me figure out why it wasn’t working. So I dug further and asked more people. My brother was able to dig up a link that was closest to my issue. Basically I wasn’t an admin user and that’s why I couldn’t use my password in the terminal. That article my brother had sent had mentioned they would log into root and change their admin rights. I would like to avoid logging into root. Also, when I had installed Mint I didn’t get the option to create a username, only a password. I knew I had messed up installing somewhere.

So I re-installed it last night and now I have no issues in the terminal =]
But now I can’t download the driver for my printer, it keeps freezing…
I had no issue downloading it over the weekend XD
Oh well.

I started the Web Developer Course. It’s starting with HTML.
So far it’s all basics which I am familiar with.
The course advises windows users to use notepad ++ but Brackets is available on windows (Not just Apple). I kind of dig it, so I’m sticking with that for now.

I did learn something fun though, I haven’t used HTML in years.
So when I used to use it, Bold was <b> not <strong> and etc. It apparently wasn’t supported for a few years but came back with HTML 5. The more you know I guess.

Learning New Things Takes Time and Mistakes


Any victories I had this weekend for Linux are technically null as I think I installed Linux incorrectly. (I should watch more tutorials before I get going ^.^’)
I ran into an issue in the terminal where my password isn’t accepted.
I noticed when I log in I show as a temporary user.
Some options to fix this include logging in to root to change account to admin.

I don’t want to mess it up, so I’m going to re-install and properly do it this time so the account created is auto-admin. This should fix all the terminal issues I am having.

Although I kind of messed up, I learned a lot this weekend and don’t count it as a set back at all.

Last night a friend mentioned to me a course on Udemy.com
Welcome to The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
I just signed up today and it’s only $12. Said friend highly recommends the course and I will take the advice based of his experience in the industry.

Let’s see where this all takes me this week…


Time for Linux


I mentioned in my last post I’m starting the Odin Project.

They recommend Linux.
I haven’t used Linux since about 2005…
Back when thumb drives were NOT 32gb.
Loading to a DVD is more painful and I had none on hand anyway.

Needless to say, this has turned into quite the project.
All of my thumb drives from back in the day were just too small.
So I had to grab a new one.
I was very happy to have successfully installed it to my thumb drive and computer.
(Linux Mint Cinnamon)
But then Linux crashed and everything that I had updated got deleted/disappeared =[
Didn’t know I had to check all the drivers first. Seems like a smart first move. Oops.
After I did that though, everything seems to be fine and programs I downloaded or added to my desktop have stayed and not been deleted. No more crashes have happened, only the initial one.
I even hooked up my old printer. Feeling accomplished for the moment.

Was very happy to see that in Linux’s Program Manager they actually already had my old printer’s driver which made the installation that much easier.

Still trying to use the terminal to change my username though, not very successful.

If you only have one computer and haven’t installed a new OS before, I would highly recommend not just installing Linux and calling it a day. As I have multiple laptops and have installed a few OS over the years, I felt comfortable surrendering my old laptop to the computer gods in hope all would be well.

There are a few good options though if you don’t want to unintentionally murder your computer. The first is just trying it out, you can boot with the thumb drive and ‘test drive’ Linux to see if you even like it which is pretty cool. Secondly, you can keep your old OS and choose which one you want to boot when you start your computer which is nice if you’re feeling unsure. The next option I find really cool, and will go back and do, is basically make your thumb drive your portable OS. So you can keep let’s say Windows, but boot to your USB and just use Linux there (not making any changes to your computer) and it can even save everything you’re doing! Better than carrying a laptop around all day.

All this is common knowledge, but I’m learning a lot of this for the first time and it’s pretty awesome =]

Baby Steps into an Unknown Future

I think it’s time I got more serious about coding.

If anything, I know I’m not alone in the ‘baby steps’ process.
Crawling to coding seems like an accurate description as there is an overwhelming amount of information available and endless possibility of routes you can take.

Regrettably, like most of us, I should have started younger when I had more free time and more of an interest. Angelfire and the HTML box in myspace were fun to play around with. My interest was most honestly peaked with Anjelina Jolie in Hackers and surprisingly didn’t fade when I figured out coding wasn’t like the movies. But, with all of that free time behind me, I now have less time but more motive to get back into coding and maybe make a career out of it.

I decided to get my feet wet and start with some free options online. First, I completed freecodecamp.com’s front end section. That was a few months ago and I kind of let my attention drift away. I’m in the process of looking for some blogs to keep up on relevant topics daily or maybe an interesting pod cast. (I don’t listen to any so I don’t know how well that will work out). I also started codecademy.com as well. Both are very informative. I like freecodecamp’s lay out better and the huge community it has. Codecademy has a more old school feel to it but is also very informative. Not bad to do simultaneously.

I made this blog to kind of keep myself in check and see progression of ideas and conversation. Clearly, blogging is not really my thing, but hey, I’ll try anything once.

*Things I’m currently doing, looking into, interested in*

-Trying out the Odin Project
-Finish projects on freecodecamp and move on
-Find relevant blogs/podcasts to keep me current on topics in the industry
-how to properly give credit when making websites, legal side of coding